Mayor Apel Announces Solar Power Project

Project Estimated to Save Town $130,000 Annually
Mayor George F. Apel today has announced that the Town of Vernon has taken initial steps toward solar power production. The energy improvement measure, a 999.36 kilowatt solar project, is expected to result in significant energy reductions and annual savings for the town.

“We are very excited about this energy agreement,” said Mayor Apel. “The use of solar power will allow the Town of Vernon to improve its energy consumption, resulting in estimated savings of $130,000 per year. Additionally, this new source of energy will help to make our town greener and more energy efficient.”

On Monday, December 23, 2011, the Town Council approved a resolution proposed by Mayor Apel, and the Energy Improvement District (EID) Board, allowing for the town to enter into a purchase power agreement with Greenskies Renewable Energy, LLC, of Middletown, Connecticut. The agreement will allow the town to receive energy derived from a solar power facility to be located at 713 Talcottville Road.

“It is important that the Town of Vernon creates the best opportunity and location for businesses to open or relocate,” said Shaun Gately, Economic Development Coordinator. “Our primary concern is our residents; Vernon cares about its citizens, the environment, and the business climate. This solar power project allows us to address all three.”

The power produced at the new facility would improve services provided to the town’s residents and businesses. The power would be used at the Town’s Waste Water Treatment Plant, which is the largest municipal consumer of power in Vernon. While the solar power would have a significant reduction in energy production, the town will still need to purchase a significant amount of energy from TransCanada and Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P).

“This measure is a major step in the right direction for the town,” said Mayor Apel. “While the space needed for a one-megawatt facility places a limit on how much power can be generated, the potential for long-term growth in energy improvement and reductions in energy costs are limitless. I commend the EID Board for leading our town into an era of energy efficiency and green power.”

Additional steps remain in the process before the project can initially break ground. For additional information regarding the energy improvement/solar power plan, residents can contact the Mayor’s office at (860) 870-3601.

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